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The effectiveness of clinical phytotherapy

Glauber Pharma is our division dedicated to the development of food supplements inspired by clinical phytotherapy, all characterized by a high degree of bioavailability. Thanks to the use of our specific technologies for the protection and delivery of active ingredients and the scientific production approach, Glauber Pharma represents today a synonym of absolute quality for doctors, pharmacists and nutritionists serving the final consumer.


Concentration and delivery of active ingredients for a quick and effective response

Nutricomplex, blends of dry extracts titrated and standardized wisely formulated to ensure the bioavailability of the natural active ingredients.

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Microveiculation of nutritional principles for an incisive action on gene expression

Nutrigenomic supplements are capable of effectively supporting the physiological functions of the organism in the event of nutritional imbalances due to a diet that is not adequate to one’s genetic profile.

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