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Forza Vitale: from plants, the integral support to your well-being

The Forza Vitale Laboratory offers a complete range of nutritional supplements and extracts of officinal plants effective for the body, able to ensure the maximum of the active ingredients contained within them. A daily support for the physiological well-being of the organism. 365 days a year!

Products Lines

25 years of passion for research, quality and high specialization inspired by the encounter between the ancient herbal sciences and the most modern extraction techniques. Everything, at the service of health professionals and their patients and clients. On these keywords, around the first historical brand "Forza Vitale", today's product lines have been developed. From medicinal plants, the essential aid to the organism to optimize its physiological processes. Discover the details.

Training for professionals

Our seminars

Forza Vitale organizes yearly seminars dedicated to deepen the most relevant issues related to the relationship between food supplements and psychophysical wellbeing. All training events are intended exclusively for professionals and make use of the collaboration of professors and researchers of recognized and clear fame in the medical and scientific sector. The next Events in evidence:

Our Partnerships

We believe in the comparison and sharing of knowledge. This is why we compare ourselves with the most important companies operating in the field of scientific research applied to well-being. Thus, we always certify the safety and quality of the raw materials used and the processing processes of all our products.