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We value continuing education

Since the beginning of its activity, Forza Vitale has considered fundamental to accompany the productive and commercial phases to a constant and updated research and training activity aimed at doctors, pharmacists, biologists, herbalists and other holistic wellness professionals. The fulcrum of the information seminars, the results of the research by our Scientific Directorate on the correlation between the active ingredients contained in Forza Vitale supplements and the improvement of the general state of well-being of its patients and clients.

Teaching staff

Forza Vitale has been using a special internal division dedicated exclusively to training for years. Doctors, biologists, nutritionists and pharmacists work together in this specific area of ​​the company. Forza Vitale also directly takes care of every organizational detail of the seminar activities with the annual planning of conferences, workshops, webinars, free thematic days at medical centers and professional offices and the preparation of information material dedicated to the various topics of the training sessions.

Dr. Joseph

Scientific director
and responsible for
training project

Dr. Danilo J.
De Mari

Forza Vitale

Dr. Antonio

Preparations &
quality control

Dr. Vito

GMP Procedures
& Legislation

Dr. Salvatore

Professional Trainer
Forza Vitale

Dr.ssa Costantina

Professional Trainer
Forza Vitale

Upcoming Events

Updates for health professionals

Below you can subscribe directly to our upcoming training events and access the complete educational calendar.

Events calendar 2018

Professional training events with specific focus on phytotherapy and nutraceuticals.