Mediterranean Flowers

Solarized Bach Flowers.

This division includes products that condense the infinite richness of the floral system because they are made with spontaneous flowers and through the sunburn of all essences. The well-known flowers selected by Bach are capable of intervening on a vibrational level, penetrating to the roots of our most frequent emotional disturbances.

Bach Flowers Formulas

Ready-made and easy-to-arrange Bach flower mixes.

12 blends of solarized Bach flowers useful in an initial phase of one to two months of administration.

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Stockbottle Single Flowers

Estratti di fiori di Bach singoli ottenuti unicamente tramite solarizzazione

Extracts from single flowers that exploit the richness of the sun’s rays and the temperatures typical of the Mediterranean Sea basin, guaranteeing the essences the maximum “vibrational frequency”.

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