The Forza Vitale lines

Our historical brand: Forza Vitale supplements.

Under the historic Forza Vitale brand that gives the company its name, we offer a complete range to meet even the most specific needs. Life Force, ancient sciences and modern techniques at the service of your natural well-being.


Winning combination of natural energies.

Our spagyric compounds are born from the combination of the active part of several plants suitably mixed together, in order to amplify the range of active interventions on various forms of malaise.

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SYS Tinture Monopianta

From the spagyric extraction, all the active ingredients of each single medicinal plant.

Over 130 tinctures of individual medicinal plants called SYS made with an exclusive manufacturing process. They work by exploiting a “1: 5” extraction ratio to ensure an intense action based on the energy of the organic and inorganic components of the plant.

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LES Gemmoderivati 1:10

Gems, a precious source of daily vigor.

With LES, spagyric practices are applied to the processing of classical bud derivatives, to obtain a product that contains the entire phytochemical spectrum of the plant embryonic tissues used and an intense vibrational activity added by the circulation of the preparation.

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Prime Essences

Complexes of Quintessences, an effective help to our natural balance.

The First Spagyric Essences are formulations based on quintessences combined with Gold-Vitale, that is to say the alchemical vehicle of the “first degree”. They are used to rebalance the meridians, the main channels for the distribution of Qi, the vital energy for traditional Chinese medicine.

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Based on essential oils useful for regaining psycho-physical and emotional balance

Their peculiar preparation contains and recalls the physical principles of the plant together with the “philosophical-alchemical” ones that represent in alchemy the foundations of human existence useful for restoring the general state of well-being in the individual.

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